A tiny extension for firefox to display system information on the addon-bar

StatusbarEx is a tiny extension for firefox to display the system information on the addon bar. The information include:

  • System memory in free.
  • Memory used by firefox itself.
  • System CPU usage.
  • Firefox CPU usage.
  • Network speed.
  • And the past 60 seconds network usage.

The source code of StatusbarEx is hosted on google code. The old version use C++ to get the system information, but the latest version changed to use js-ctypes.

js-ctypes is a very useful and easy to use technology, but it seems not work on 64bits windows. Because I don't have a 64bits machine, so this issue maybe take some time to be fixed.


Here are some screenshots

Show the last 60 second net speed

Text only

In a dark theme

A whole view, click to enlarge