Super Drag

A small extension for drag & drop.

Super Drag makes your surf easier by extending the feature of drag & drop.

Check this video for how to use it.

Recently Releases

v0.15 - (the latest version)

Sep 18, 2014

Version 0.15 has:

  • Make it work with the latest night version (fx36).


Jun 21, 2014

Version 0.14 has:

  • Add French language, thanks Joe Bill.


Jun 16, 2014

Version 0.13 has:

  • '.im' is now recognized.
  • Supports 'file:' as well as 'http(s)'.


Apr 3, 2014

Version 0.12 has:


Mar 2, 2014

Version 0.11 has:

  • Added abilily to set default action to "Nothing". (Thanks Jibbers42)
  • The regular expression now supports '.mp' and '.tt'.


Feb 24, 2014

Version 0.10 has:

  • Improve the regular expression for recognizing URLs.


Jan 31, 2014

Version 0.9.9 has:

  • Improve the regular expression for recognizing URLs.
  • Change the behavior of new tab to the same way as "Open tab in new tab" in context menu.
  • The default position of the new tab is changed to "right to the current".

For opening new tab in background, the first new tab's owner will be the current tab, that is, after you close it, you'll go back to the original tab. But if you open more than one tabs, their owner will be cleared. So you can read the new tabs one by one. This behavior is just the same as what you get via the context menu "Open tab in new tab".


Jan 25, 2014

Version 0.9.8 has:

  • If a new tab is opened as a foreground tab, its owner will be set to the current tab. That means when you finish reading this tab (and close it), you'll go back to the original tab.
  • If you drag a text node (#text, happens when you drag a selection) inside a link, SuperDrag will try to get the link from the text node's parents. So the link options is still available.


Jan 21, 2014

Version 0.9.7 has:

  • Fix issue #1
  • Fix issue #2
  • Support search engines which use 'POST', for example, search engine of (src)
  • Only clear new tab's owner for new background tabs. (src)
  • UI improved (tiny)


Dec 29, 2013

Version 0.9.6 has:

  • Now SuperDrag won't prevent you from dragging content between text fileds. (Thanks Swifty)


Dec 27, 2013

Version 0.9.5 has:

  • Open link with referer URL.
  • Search has 'background', 'foreground' and 'current tab' options.
  • Doesn't work on URL like 'about:...' and 'chrome://...'.


Dec 1, 2013

Version 0.9.2 has:

  • The initial version.

Please note that currently SuperDrag is still under developping, so if you have any suggestion or feedback, please just leave a comment here. Thank you in advance.

Source code

open source

The source code of super-drag is now hosted on github.

Known issues

  • It doesn't work with Test Pilot since Test Pilot breaks document.loadOverlay(), which SuperDrag needs to show the command panel.
  • As I test, for firefox prior to 28 (the nightly version), the icons on command panel will move a little when you first hover the target on it.