Super Start

A small dial extension for firefox, with a simple todo-list

Super Start is a very handy 'speed dial' extension for Firefox.

From version 4.0, SuperStart supports sites group, this feature works in the same way with iOS and Launchpad (OS X), so it should be more useful than before.

I strongly recommend you read the FAQ before using it, and I'll prepare a step-by-step toturial when I have time :)

Recently Releases

v7.3.3 - (the latest version)

Jan 3, 2015

Version 7.3.3 has:

  • Language Bulgarian updated, thanks kbkozlev.
  • Fix bug for saving thumbnails in Firefox 37 (nightly).


Nov 24, 2014

Version 7.3.2 has:

  • Many language files updated, thanks: bootleq, krevad, bastik-tor and niko2040
  • Support middle click to open link in a new tab (doesn't work on e10s)


Sep 18, 2014

Version 7.3.1 has:

Make it work with Firefox nightly (v36).


Sep 12, 2014

Version 7.3 has:

Fix bug which breaks password auto-completion since Firefox 32. #45


Jun 21, 2014

Version 7.2 has:

Add French language, thanks Joe Bill.


Feb 8, 2014

Version 7.0 has:

Now SuperStart supports preload the page, so it will show immediately (without flashing)! This new feature works the same way as 'about:newtab' and it needs your firefox version >= 27. If you don't like it, you can disable it by setting to false.

Please note that SuperStart begins to preload about 5 seconds later after a restart (the same with about:newtab).


Feb 8, 2014

Version 6.12.1 has:

It is a bug fix version.

In the previous version, for issue #28, SuperStart set 'browser.newtab.url' to 'about:superstart'. But it is not a good idea since not every one use tab group, and if SuperStart is disabled or uninstalled, it doesn't get a chance to set 'broser.newtab.url' back. So a new flag 'extensions.superstart.set.browser.newtab.url' is added. If you have the same issue as #28 (if you are using tab group), please set 'extensions.superstart.set.browser.newtab.url' to true manually via 'about:config'.


Jan 17, 2014

Version 6.12 has:

It is a bug fix version.

  • Issue #28 fixed.
  • Issue #29 fixed.
  • Issue #32 and issue #33 fixed.

Please note that to fix issue #28, SuperStart now set 'browser.newtab.url' to 'about:superstart' if you enable the option Load in blank tab, otherwise it will be set back to 'about:newtab'.

Version 6.11 has introduced a new bug (#32 and #33), if any site got its screenshot failed, the whole page will be blank. It is fixed in this version.


Jan 16, 2014

This version is disabled due to a serious bug. (#32 and #33)


Jan 1, 2014

Version 6.10 has:

  • Use URL about:superstart instead of 'chrome://superstart/content/index.html'.
  • Should work with 'browser.tabs.remote' set to 'true' (multiprocess).
  • Bulgarian translation has been updated. Thanks Kaloian Kozlev again.

Full Release Notes

The full Release Notes can be found here



In plan

  • Supports export to / import from bookmark.

Source code

open source

The source code of super-start is now hosted on github.