How to Export and Import

From version 4.8.0, SuperStart supports Export and Import. This feature has be requested for a long time. So I decided to work on it. In version 4.8.0, this feature is experimental, although I have tested it on different platforms (Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS X), in rare case, it could have problem.

What will be exported / imported?

The sites, notes and customized settings will be exported to a single file, which name is (by default): superstart_year-month-day.ssbackup. ssbackup is the default file extension. But the settings in 'options > general' and 'Enable customization' won't be exported, because they are saved in Firefox's own database (perference).

When import, you can choose not to import the notes (sites and customizations only), by selecting Import sites only. See below image:

Dropbox is not found

SuperStart will look for Dropbox Folder automatically, and then you can put the data into your Dropbox folder directly and import it on another computer. However, if you don't install Dropbox on the default location, SuperStart won't find it. And if you use other cloud services such as Google Driver or SkyDriver, you may also need to configure it manually. (But don't worry, it is very simple and easy!)

Please open about:config, then type: superstart in the 'search' box, all the related config value will be shown there. And please set: to the location of your Dropbox / Google Driver / Sky Driver directory.

And if you want to save the data into a sub-directory instead the Dropbox folder directly, you can set it to, for example, set it to backups, then the data will be saved into [the cloud directory]/backups. See below image:

I personally recommend Dropbox, if you don't have an account, please click this link to sign up. (we both will get 500 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 16 GB)), thank you.

How to Export and Import?

It is very easy, please right click on super-start's page, and select 'Export / Import...'.

Then you'll get the dialog. Click the 'Export...' button and select where to save the exported file. Click the 'Import...' to import a saved backup file.

If import failed and I lost all my settings, what can I do?

First, it shouldn't happen in most cases. However, if it really happens (since the nsIFile interface doesn't support file system transaction), you can open your Firefox's profile directory (if you don't know how to open it, please refer to this link). There will be a sub-directory named: superstart.backup. Please copy the original directory ('superstart') to another place and rename 'superstart.backup' to 'superstart'.

And export your data before import will be a good / safe idea.