Do you have a tutorial?

Yes, I uploaded a video to YouTube, you can click it to watch.

However, I'm a newbie for creating a video, so this video could be boring, but I did try my best to demonstrate the main usage model of super-start.

Why it doesn't work?

Update: version 6.8 has already fixed the problem, and it will be available in a few days.

I get some feedbacks recently that SuperStart doesn't work with Tab Mix Plus, I'll try to fix this problem in the near future. And currently you can configure Tab Mix Plus to fix it:

  • Go to 'about:addons' (or Menu -> Tools -> Addons)
  • Click 'preferences' of Tab Mix Plus
  • Go to Events -> New Tabs
  • In Address, type: chrome://superstart/content/index.html
  • That's all.

How to create a group?

From version 4.0, super-start supports groups. The behavior is similar with iOS, so everyone should be able to use it easily:

  • Drag a site, then move it into another site or group.
  • When the target begine to bounce, you can release the mouse, the site will be added to the target, if the target is a site, it will become a group automatically.
  • If you don't release the mouse, the group will be "opened", and you can drag the site to the place you want.

What is a placeholder?

From version 4.5.0, super-start supports placeholder. But, what is a placeholder?

The old version of super-start (before 4.0), you can place a site in any 'grid'. But from 4.0, all sites are placed one by one and there is no 'empty site'. So if you have some special background image, the snapshot of the site could occupy the image, make it looks bad. To avoid this problem, you can use 'placeholder'.

To add a placeholder, you can right click and select 'add a placeholder' in the context menu, then you'll find an empty block is added. You can drag the empty site to any position, so you have the control of the layout. All you can do with a placeholder is to move it, or remove it (there is only a 'remove' button when your mouse hover it).

Here is an example:

How to add a new note?

Just input the note in the textarea, and then press <enter> key. The note you input will appear on the below. When the note is done, click the "done" icon to remove it.

How to hide the todo list?

You can click the "Note" icon on the top bar to hide or show the Notes.

How to export/import data?

From version 4.8, SuperStart supports export and import. You can refer to this link for details: How to export and import.

How to change text color?

For v4.0

Please go to the option dialog's UI customize tab, there are two predefined text color. Please select Enable text color option, then you'll see there are two options: black and white. There is another option for text-shadow.

Set "white" or "black" with "text shadow" enabled should be suitable for most background image.

How to use "keyword" in CSS? (v3.5.0+)

The keyword is added for portable firefox users. For example, if you use a background image in your USB disk, it will be unavailable when you plug the USB into another PC. You can use the "keyword" in the "advance" option (user defined CSS). Currently there are four keywords:


Which will be extracted as the "profile" directory of firefox.


Which will be extracted as the directory of firefox.exe. For example:

body {
  background-image: url(%exedir%\..\..\bg.jpg);

This will specify bg.jpg in portable firefox directory as the background image.


Which is the "home" directory, in window system, it will be c:\users\[user].


Your desktop directory.